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What is the cost of paying less for engineering design services? 

The cost of engineering design services only constitutes a small element of the total life-cycle costs of the facility being designed, and the client needs to be aware that professional fees that are too low can lead to significantly increased costs of the works and long term operations and maintenance costs that may overshadow any savings made in the cost of the professional services.

Do you know your engineer? 

An engineering firm that is charging less than standard rates for your project are most likely using junior staffto do the majority (or all) of the work on your project. Is your professional engineer only present on your project to sign the final drawings or attend the client meetings? Are you truly getting the skills, expertise and experience that you are paying for?


Why we prefer time-based fees for most of our projects. 

Although we do provide lump-sum estimates for consultations upon request, prefers time-based fees. Appointments for time-based fees are normally made where the scope of work is not clearly defined at the time of appointment – which is the status of most of the projects when we get involved.

Because there are so many unknowns in the preliminary stages of a project, this approach provides an opportunity for both the client and consulting engineer to modify the scope as work proceeds in order to develop confidence in the study and design outputs and to investigate issues that are uncovered as the work progresses. In essence, it protects both parties from risk of the unknown and the uncertain.

Inclusives: Time based fees are all-inclusive fees, including allowances for overhead charges incurred by the consulting engineer as part of normal business operations, including the cost of management, as well as payments to administrative, clerical and secretarial staff used to support professional and technical staff in general and not on a specific project only.

Exclusives: Form 2 (Appointment) and Form 4 (Completion) certificates are R5,000 per set of forms per project. This is a fixed charge per project.

Standard Rate of R1500 per hour (in line with ECSA and DPSA guidelines for a Category B practitioner)



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