Project Life-cycle:


Pre-Stage. Planning, Studies, Investigations and Assessments


These typical services relate to carrying out studies and investigations as well as the preparation and submission of reports embodying preliminary proposals or initial feasibility studies and will normally be remunerated on a time and cost basis.


(1) Consultation with the client or client's authorized representative.

(2) Inspection of the site of the project.

(3) Developing a scope of work where required.

(4) Preliminary investigation, route location, planning and a level of design appropriate to allow decisions on feasibility and the selection of the most desirable project option.

(5) Assessments of existing built environment elements with a view to informing the project options, the scope of work and how to refurbish and/or integrate new works with existing works.

(6) Consultation with authorities having rights or powers of sanction as well as consultation with the public and stakeholder groups.

(7) Advise the client as to regulatory and statutory requirements, including environmental screening management and the need for surveys, analyses, tests and site or other investigations, as well as approvals, where such are required for the completion of the report, and arranging for these to be carried out at the client's expense.

(8) Searching for, obtaining, investigating and collating available data, drawings and plans relating to the works.

(9) Investigating financial and economic implications relating to the proposals or feasibility studies.


Deliverables will typically include:


· Collation of information.

· Reports on options and technical and financial feasibility and related implications.

· List of consents and approvals.

· Schedule of required surveys, tests, analyses, site and other investigations.