Stage 1 - Inception


(Defined as: Establish client requirements and preferences, refine user needs and options, appointment of necessary consultants, establish the project brief including project objectives, priorities, constraints, assumptions aspirations and strategies)


(1) Assist in developing a clear project brief.

(2) Attend project initiation meetings.

(3) Advise on procurement policy for the project.

(4) Advise on the rights, constraints, consents and approvals.

(5) Define the services and scope of work required.

(6) Conclude the terms of the agreement with the client.

(7) Inspect the site and advise on the necessary surveys, analyses, tests and site or other investigations where such information will be required for Stage 2 including the availability and location of infrastructure and services.

(8) Determine the availability of data, drawings and plans relating to the project.

(9) Advise on criteria specific to own scope of work that could influence the project life cycle cost significantly.

(10) Provide necessary information within the agreed scope of the project to other consultants involved.


Deliverables will typically include:


· Agreed services and scope of work.

· Signed agreement.

· Report on project, site and functional requirements.

· Schedule of required surveys, tests, analyses, site and other investigations.

· Schedule of consents and approvals and related lead times.