Stage 2 - Concept and Viability (also termed Preliminary Design)


(Defined as: Prepare and finalize the project concept in accordance with the brief, including project scope, scale, character, form and function, plus preliminary program and viability of the project)


(1) Agree documentation program with principal consultant and other consultants involved.

(2) Attend design and consultants' meetings.

(3) Establish the concept design criteria.

(4) Prepare initial concept design and related documentation.

(5) Advise the client regarding further surveys, analyses, tests and investigations which may be required.

(6) Establish regulatory authorities' requirements and incorporate into the design.

(7) Refine and assess the concept design to ensure conformance with all  regulatory requirements and consents.

(8) Establish access, utilities, services and connections required for the design.

(9) Coordinate design interfaces with other consultants involved.

(10) Prepare preliminary process designs; preliminary designs, and related documentation for approval by authorities and client and suitable for costing.

(11) Provide cost estimates and comment on life cycle costs as required.

(12) Liaise, co-operate and provide necessary information to the client, principal consultant and other consultants involved.


Typical deliverables will include:


· Concept design.

· Schedule of required surveys, tests and other investigations and related reports.

· Process design.

· Preliminary design.

· Cost estimates as required.