Stage 3 - Design Development (also termed Detail Design)


(Defined as: Develop the approved concept to finalize the design, outline specifications, cost plan, financial viability and program for the project)


(1) Review documentation program with principal consultant and other consultants involved.

(2) Attend design and consultants' meetings.

(3) Incorporate client's and authorities' detailed requirements into the design.

(4) Incorporate other consultants' designs and requirements into the design.

(5) Prepare design development drawings including draft technical details and specifications.

(6) Review and evaluate design and outline specification and exercise cost control.

(7) Prepare detailed estimates of construction cost.

(8) Liaise, co-operate and provide necessary information to the principal consultant and other consultants involved.

(9) Submit the necessary design documentation to local and other authorities for approval.


Typical deliverables will include:


· Design development drawings.

· Outline specifications.

· Local and other authority submission drawings and reports.

· Detailed estimates of construction costs.