Stage 5 - Contract Administration and Inspection


(Defined as: Manage, administer and monitor the construction contracts and processes including preparation and coordination of procedures and documentation to facilitate practical completion of the works)


(1) Attend site handover.

(2) Issue construction documentation in accordance with the documentation schedule including, in the case of structural engineering, reinforcing bending schedules and detailing and specifications of structural steel sections and connections.

(3) Carry out contract administration procedures in terms of the contract.

(4) Prepare schedules of predicted cash flow.

(5) Prepare pro-active estimates of proposed variations for client decision making.

(6) Attend regular site, technical and progress meetings.

(7) Review the Contractor's quality control program and advise and agree a quality assurance plan.

(8) Inspect the works for quality and conformity to contract documentation, on average once every 2 weeks during the course of the works.


Level 1: periodic construction monitoring.


· Review the outputs of quality assurance procedures and advise the contractor and client on the adequacy and need for additional controls, inspections and testing.

· Adjudicate and resolve financial claims by contractor(s).

· Assist in the resolution of contractual claims by the contractor.

· Establish and maintain a financial control system.

· Clarify details and descriptions during construction as required.

· Prepare valuations for payment certificates to be issued by the principal agent.

· Instruct, witness and review all tests and mock ups carried out both on and off site.

· Check and approve contractor drawings for design intent.

· Update and issue drawings register.

· Issue contract instructions as and when required.

· Review and comment on operation and maintenance manuals, guarantee certificates and warranties.

· Inspect the works and issue practical completion and defects lists.

· Arrange for the delivery of all test certificates, statutory (regulatory) and other approvals, as built drawings and operating manuals.


Typical deliverables will include:


· Schedules of predicted cash flow.

· Construction documentation.

· Drawings register.

· Estimates for proposed variations.

· Contract instructions.

· Financial control reports.

· Valuations for payment certificates.

· Progressive and draft final account(s).

· Practical completion and defects list.

· All statutory certification and certificates of compliance as required by the Local and other Statutory Authorities.